Thank you for taking time to look at my website and learn more about my campaign.

The election of sheriff is a critical decision for our county. Monongalia County is experiencing significant growth and prosperity. With that increased growth comes increased crime. I have been on the front lines of fighting crime and keeping our community safe since 1991. Additionally, as Sheriff, I will continue to do everything possible to keep our community drug-free. I have been proud to serve our citizens these last three years while leading the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department.

You will also find other pages relating to my experience, positions, and additional information about my campaign.

Finally, I have been humbled by the support I have experienced. Hundreds of citizens have contacted me, wanting to help with my campaign. My family and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and support. Thank you.

I hope you join me in community activities throughout the spring – I look forward to meeting each and every one of you. If you wish a sign for your yard, or want to help me in any other manner, please feel free to contact me through this site.

Thank you for your support and confidence.